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Dance Class



We believe that in order to facilitate connection we have to feel safe and seen as ourselves. 

Nexus Principles for Connection

Friendly Community

More than anything, NEXUS wants our students to feel safe and comfortable learning how to dance.  By making the etiquette clear, there's no need to feel intimidated or scared to ask any other member of the community to dance. Simply introduce yourself and politely ask! (We DO recommend checking your breath with a mint and sweat with a towel first.) If someone says no thank you, honor that and move along to someone else. If you still feel nervous, just ask and we're happy to introduce you around! 


Mutual Respect

NEXUS students and staff commit to treating each other with dignity and respect before, after, and during their lessons and events.  No degrading or insulting behavior, language, actions, etc. will be tolerated from either NEXUS staff or students. If any person in the studio feels like they have experienced such actions, we encourage them to inform us promptly. Please respect the experience of others by showing kindness in all interactions. If you don't have something nice to say, shhhhhh!



We won’t ask you to change your personality, flavor, vibe, or how your dance no matter what others are doing. We want to be around people and in classes where there is respect, congruence, positivity and humility. As such, please honor yourself and other students as an art-work in process, always developing and growing.


Body-Centered Promise

We want you to love your body, however you are feeling, however you look, and especially by making good choices about how you move it. No matter what the teacher or your neighbor is doing, choose what feels right for you, always. Never hurt your body to fit in. We welcome you to be yourself!


Conscious Community Pledge

To extinguish shaming of myself and others, including engaging in excessive comparison, negative self-talk or micro-aggression in the form of judgement and criticism. In our community, we value direct and compassionate dialogue and feedback. Our dream is to create a venue where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are accepted, appreciated and celebrated. We encourage you to tell us the pronouns you prefer. We honor the special, individual YOU.  We know all people are beautiful, especially when dancing!



To Dance With Us

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