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Mon: 6P - MAR Ballroom - American Tango

Ballroom tango features sharp movements and precise footwork within a structured framework

  • 1 hour
  • Package price varies
  • Nexus SLO

Service Description

Ballroom tango and Argentine tango are both captivating dance styles, each with its own distinct characteristics: Ballroom Tango: - Is a standardized form of tango danced competitively and socially around the world. - It is characterized by its sharp, staccato movements, dramatic poses, and precise footwork. - Ballroom tango often follows a specific structure and is danced in a closed frame, emphasizing strong lead and follow techniques. - The dance is known for its quick, syncopated steps and elegant, sweeping movements across the dance floor. - Ballroom tango incorporates elements of other ballroom dances, such as the Foxtrot and Quickstep, and is often danced to a variety of music styles, including traditional tango music and contemporary pop songs. Argentine Tango: Originated in the late 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has evolved into a passionate and improvisational dance form. - It is characterized by its intimate connection between partners, intricate footwork, and emphasis on musical interpretation. - Argentine tango is danced in a more relaxed embrace, allowing for greater freedom of movement and expression between partners. - The dance is highly improvisational, with partners communicating through subtle cues and responding to the nuances of the music in real-time. - Argentine tango often features intricate embellishments, pauses, and changes in direction, creating a dynamic and expressive dance experience. - Unlike b Whether you’ve done ballroom before or not, you are sure to learn a lot from this series and have fun! •          Week 1: Fundamentals of timing / Footwork and basic patterns •          Week 2: Connection, lead and follow •          Week 3: Additional patterns and combinations •          Week 4: Musicality and learning new moves Drop-ins Welcome!! This progressive group class allows you to build on the skills you learn to get more out of a group class. FAQ about the progressive structure - 1 - If you miss the first class/can’t make a class in the series, NO WORRIES! You can make it up later or we can discount it! Plus, we review at the beginning of every lesson so you can catch up! 2 - These progressives are made so you can get more out of a group class and having the social dancing afterwards will solidify it even further. 3 - Drop-ins are available for $20 and you are welcome to try out the class before committing!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations/rescheduling for all lessons must happen at least 24 hrs in advance or you will be charged the full amount. There are no refunds for pre-paid group classes, but if you have an injury or illness that won’t allow you to participate, let us know and we will give you a credit for when you can return.

Contact Details

  • Nexus SLO Ballroom D.C., San Luis Obispo, CA, USA


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