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NEW IN NOVEMBER!! Kismet Fitness is a one of a kind, ever-evolving fitness program created by Brittany Pomfret. With a background in dance, and nearly 20 years in the fitness industry, Brittany has created a program that is inherently fun, high energy, and thoughtfully grounded in exercise science. You can expect each session to be highly musically driven and incorporate elements of Pilates, functional strength training, and mobility work. Sessions incorporate many modalities and consistently evolve in order to reduce physical and mental fatigue. You will utilize equipment such as dumbbells, bands, balls, steps, and benches to increase strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and muscle mass. Kismet Fitness is designed to cater specifically to women and non-binary individuals in all stages of life. All exercises are buildable, with low and high impact options. As a prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist, Brittany is able to modify for pregnancy and postpartum, as well as any other necessary health considerations. Each session tests your limits in a way that is safe and comfortable, increasing proprioception and body awareness while respecting your body’s boundaries. Change your relationship with fitness and your body in a space created to feel safe and welcoming. From new exercisers, to advanced movers, we have options for all fitness levels.

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